Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pieces of What?

Hi. I'm Reese. And most of the time, I'm in pieces.

I mean that in a few different ways. My interests are all over the place: a piece here, a piece there. By proxy, then, so are my experiences. And the thing that ties that all together is my writing. It's my therapy, my chosen profession and one of the many lenses through which I see the world. And it, like everything else about me, is hardly confined to just one style. So what do I do? I take all the "pieces" of my life, and write about them here.

This is more than a hobby; writing is my chosen profession. I write (and edit) weekly for Saint Rose's newspaper, the Chronicle. I do all the work I can for my family-owned publishing business, including travel writing, which suits my nomadic self just fine. And- shhhh- one of my very best dreams is to, someday, write a book about all the wild experiences I run into in my life. But as far as I can tell, that's a ways off still.

If you wanna call this a writing blog, you can. I mean, it's in the URL. But it's not just about my projects. Reese in Pieces combines all the aspects of me and my writing that usually have to stay separate into one big, fun, shiny mosaic of information, emotion, wordplay and caffeine. But that's not all. As writing "is my life"and my life is my writing, the two are inseparable. And so in this blog being about writing, it's also about my life. Which means sometimes I'll write about writing. And sometimes I'll write about crazy new ice cream flavors I just tried (wasabi ginger anyone?), or chasing bears through the dump at my summer job, or an impromptu trip to Texas for an editors convention. I pretty much write whatever I see that I think is cool enough to share with all of you.

If that sounds like fun? Buckle up and keep readin'.

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