Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reese's Links: Inner Peace URLs

So apart from my writing, I (like many others) have been searching for "inner peace". It's safe to say this search has been fruitless so far, but since quitting my job at Ghetto Chopper last week it seems things have taken a turn for the better. It's always nice not to be abused and threatened by drooling, dangerous-looking people of questionable sobriety whom you can smell before you see.

Anyway, I thought Buddhism might be a good place to start with all this. And so, a glimpse into my Browsing History as I look into this whole "Spiritual Quest" deal:

-Dalai Lama's Instructions for Life, in conveinent poster form
-Checking out a field trip! Directions, About and Hours of Operation of a Peace Pagoda in Grafton, NY (close to Albany)
-In one page or less, these people will tell me How To Meditate.
-YouTube's take on Instructional Yoga Videos, complete with relaxing tribal music (non-pornographic version)
-More Yoga videos from, which as far as I can tell is not pornographic, at least not in these studio-backdrop settings that I've been finding.
-I was raised Catholic-- how do Buddhist practices work with that? Historical interpretation here; then here's a real-life blog of a Buddhist-Catholic (complete with pic of Buddha and Jesus hugging!). I'm not trying to find a new religion, at any rate. Just some new insights. Maybe you can do both.
-Or, according to these people, maybe you can't.
-If I Feng Shui my apartment, will it help me achieve inner peace? tells me so.
-This man wants me to "Tame The Raging Storm Within" me. And he's gonna tell me all about it using the 7 Deadly Sins. Although he seems a little off, timewise, when he says the economy is doing 'great'.
-I prefer the Non-religious approach: the psychological reasons I'm so unhappy and how to fix it.
-According to Newsweek, happiness is all a bix hoax anyway.

That's it for now. More to come later!

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