Thursday, December 3, 2009

Liveblogging: The Office!

9:01 pm: Can I just say that I love The Office? I've been to Scranton, Pennsylvania (sadly), but even that bad experience can't take away from my love for the show. Oh, and Andy's wearing a pink shirt!

9:06: Oh, shit. Michael Scott just offered to pay for the college education of a whole group of disadvantaged high school kids-- and he can't. They're cheering for him. God Help Him.

9:10 What's not cool is that Dwight is trying to get Jim fired. I know Dwight is freaky and funny and all that, but c'mon, writers-- if you get rid of Jim, you get rid of half your fan base. Dwight, you a--hole! Stop setting him up!

9:15: They're called Scott's Tots, and they are rapping, "whatcha gonna do when their dreams come true?" The teacher has named him a DreamMaker. There are speeches occurring about guardian angels and President Obama. This can only go downhill...

9:20 "I've done something stupid and I'd like to share... tuition is very vaulable, but so is intuition! Does anyone out there have intuition? You know what's gonna happen next? No? You're gonna make me say it? I'm so proud of you!...Well, Zion, I'm not going to be paying for your tuition. And that brings me to my main point: that I'm not going to be paying for anybody's tuition. I am so, so sorry."

9:25: They better not be firing Jim. Just because there's a cake with his face on it and a big scandal going on around him. Dwight is doing some good impressions of his coworkers on the phone while he complains to corporate, yeah, but I'm hating Dwight more and more by the minute. Yes, he started employee of the month. And he won it. And his wife was in second place. But it was not his doing. God!

9:30: Phew, okay. Michael Scott destroyed 15 young lives today, Dunder Mifflin might be going under, but Dwight didn't destroy Jim's life, so I guess it's okay.

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