Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reese's Links: The Best Stuff Ever in 30 Seconds or Less

Since I'm going to be out for the rest of the week doing epic rolls in a whitewater boat called "burn", I figured it would be cool to leave you with a list of the best stuff ever (!) to peruse in my absence-- all in one breath. We can chat when I get back. Ready?

I know we've all heard of Lindsay Lohan's latest mishap, i.e. jail sentence, but I bet you haven't heard this one: apparently a Buffalo man attempted to sneak back into the country (from Canada, no less) using someone else's passport and wearing an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet that he claimed was meant as "a show of support" for Lohan. Obviously his help, the court system and her various stints in rehab did a good job of keeping her on the straight and narrow. And I'm sure his excuse will hold up in court, too.

OK, that's enough Hollywood bs. Wanna see something really cool? Look at this. I got one last week, except mine was free from roof rack company Yakima (and I'm not just promoting them cause they give me tons of free stuff). Working at a kayak shop has meant learning a lot about the importance of having strategically placed bottle openers attached to everything. These ones are made out of recycled bicycle parts, which apparenlty you can do a ton of stuff with, so points to Yakima for caring about the earth. If that's not credible enough for you, Lady Gaga has one of their cartop products featured in her Bad Romance video; points to whoever can identify it (hint: focus on the first 25 seconds or so).

And finally, some good third-grade level humor: price tag fails, the Greatest Freakout Ever and its Aftermath, a hot new rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody feat. the musical stylings of The Kind With The Broom, and the final answer to the burning question: What Is Love? (most of us have seen the answer, but I think it's worth a replay).

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