Monday, July 19, 2010

Where The $%&* Have I Been? + The [Coloring] Book of Dreams

Ice cream? Yes, please. Making my own is on my list for the summer.
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So, I could apologize again for my extended absence, and explain to all you loyal fans that I've been living in the woods for the past few months, sans internet, as the only company who would provide it to me wanted a $150 installation fee on top of 90 bucks a month for usage (wtf?). But I won't. Because I'm pretty sure I have something better to share with you now. Something that makes up for all the long days and nights with no update from Reese in Pieces (sad face).

See, since I've gone "off the grid" for the summer, I've been finding new and exciting things to do with my free time. Because I am living in a place that boasts the only McDonalds ever known (to me) to close their doors forever from lack of business, there's an element of creativity involved in finding stuff to do here. This means that I spend my Tuesday nights doing things like going out for steak sandwiches and then driving up to the town dump to try and lure some bears out of the trash to "see how they react" to the presence of a bunch of humans that smell like beef (believe me, I know how insane that sounds, and for the record, we didn't see any). During this period of time I've tried a few other crazy things as well, like whitewater kayaking. So far my experience has been nothing like this, which is what I will eventually do if I'm hardcore enough, but more like "get in the kayak in 4 feet of water, flip it over, and try not to drown". By the way, the people in that video are mainly my coworkers. Hopefully they'll teach me to be that good.

At any rate, I've made a list of exciting things I want to try this summer, and, like an eight year old, I'm basing it off of a coloring book put out by the super-optimistic feel-good company Life is Good. As you can see from the pic at the top of this post, it's filled with an alphabet of summer-themed ideas, from "K" for "Kayaking" (where I got the whitewater inspiration to start this whole thing) to "I" for Ice Cream, for which I have decided I will get a bag of ice, some heavy cream, and some rock salt and attempt to make my own (stay tuned for more on this project, including pics). The way this is supposed to work is that my sister, who is living with me for the summer and working at the Life is Good store in town, will join me in tackling various letters of the alphabet with fun/dangerous/hilarious events, all summer long. Once they're completed, I'll color in the page, take a picture of it, and post it up here. Proof, dear readers. Make me accountable. I said I would have an excellent summer, and by golly, I will.

Oh, one last thing. Some of the letters have very unrelated pictures, like "D" for "Dinosaur". Considering that I am not in a hurry to have this hanging up on the wall of my apartment, I'll be making up something else fun that starts with "D" for that week, and the same goes for other weeks with odd pictures attached. Unless you readers have any dinosaur-related summer-fun suggestions, which I would be up for at least considering, unless they involve an abandoned island and a cryogenic freezer.

Like any good, dedicated blogger, I don't have this coloring book in front of me right now. So this week I will continue to try Whitewater Kayaking (K), hopefully with pics this time, and I'll invent "G" for Guitar, because I haven't been playing very much, and I don't want my fingers to turn to stone from lack of practice. So keep an eye out for updates, and everyone have a safe and healthy week wherever you may be. I'm out!

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