Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Coloring Book of Dreams: Edit

I don't think the blogging purists among us will like what I'm about to say. But I believe in full disclosure (in this case, at least), so I'll say it nonetheless.

I have ditched the Coloring Book of Dreams.

As an obviously professional and incredibly busy/connected/important 21 year old adult (pffffft), I'm finding it increasingly hard to squeeze time into my calendar for coloring page after page of candy frosted cupcakes and little smiling whales. So I feel it's time to modify this whole thing a bit.

I have two weeks left of summer; so far I have conquered "K" for "Kayaking, Whitewater", "W" for "Waterfall", and "C" for Cupcake, and "A" for "Art" (coming soon). And failed to put up any colored pictures of them. Instead, I bring you real pictures. Isn't that much better? I think so.

I also must confess (in the interest of full disclosure) that I find some of the things in the Coloring Book of Dreams purely stupid. Such as "D" for "Dinosaur". Where will I find one of those to take a picture with?

I could take this in an incredibly inappropriate direction and start a list of Rude Gestures and Phrases based on the Coloring Book Of Dreams, but I will reign in that schizophrenic urge (at least for this project) and settle on a healthy compromise: I'll simply spend the next two weeks (or as long as the warm weather holds out) demolishing an A-Z list of Fun Summer Stuff. I'll try to stick to the suggestions in the book and tell you what they are, but no promises I won't go off and do something totally cra-zay instead, like [insert random death-defying feat here]. In fact, I'm taking suggestions! So if you have something wildly fun that you think I should try in the last two weeks of sunny summer, leave your comments below (no guarantees, but your chances are better if you pick something I'll actually do--no "join a traveling circus for the week" type dares, though that would be fun). Does this sound like a fair compromise to everyone??

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