Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Coloring Book of Dreams: "C" is for "Cupcake"

Happy Birthday to me!

No, I haven't forgotten about my promise; I am still making my way through the Life is Good Coloring Book of Dreams. Today I conquered "C" for "Cupcake"--and rightfully so, as it was my 21st birthday!

The original plan was to bake a batch of some exotic flavor a la Cupcake Wars, but after being up half the night celebrating, the last thing I was going to do was wake up and start concocting buttercream icing from scratch.

Tomorrow is Whitewater Wednesday again-- so while I'll [hopefully] be out practicing my rolls with the Team M&M guys, you guys can feast your eyes on some of the "sweet!"--and sometimes scary--cupcake recipes I found on my ambitious quest for the perfect 21st birthday treat.

Pics of the completed, colored cupcake picture to come soon!

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