Monday, October 19, 2009

Reese's Links: Things That Made Me Laugh This Week

I've been sick and stressed out for approaching two weeks now. After suffering a minor nervous breakdown the other day, I decided I should do something to lighten my mood--like Chicken Soup for the Insane. So I scoured the internet for things I find hilarious and I am now sharing them with all you good people.

WARNING: They are probably considered "rude," "mean" and "politically incorrect." It is what it is.

"For the fisherman or cook in your life": The WunderBoner. Definitely not for the faint-of-stomach, as it involves some gut-turning dead fish action, but undeniably hilarious.

The best thing on this list is a graphic list called "caring for baby". Don't be alarmed. It's not gruesome or sick. Just funny.

Thank God, the creepy Burger King "King" mascot is on his way out. Yes, hovering over people's beds in a huge plastic mask and grabbing their genitals during football-themed commercials DOES qualify you as a sexual predator.

I received this in an email attachment. It's a hoax, but it's hilarious. Scroll down.

Watching people I know prank people I don't really know is always a good time.

Zombieland was actually funny; I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, slightly less so, but Tucker Max's website is wildly inappropriate and therefore entertaining.

I saw The Hangover this summer, but watching it again makes me feel less like shit.

This man was duct-taped to a flagpole outside a VFW in Rensselaer county a few weeks ago. He burned a flag outside of the post and was subsequently tied to the pole for public ridicule while a youth soccer picnic commenced across the street.

Men have finally come up with an equivalent to the push-up bra with Calvin Klein Padded Crotch Jeans. Now they can deceive us as easily as we deceive them! Hooray!

Admittedly mean, but hilarious enough to make up for it: ladies and gentlemen, I give you The People of WalMart. I heard it's going around via email now. Can't wait to find THAT in my inbox.

Talk about disrespect: you can now prank call people using Michael Jackson's voice. There's a list on the main page of all the OTHER famous people you can fraudulently impersonate, too.

The best thing you can do with the American dollar besides spend it.

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  1. Superb links. Have you ever heard of Earles and Jensen?