Monday, October 5, 2009

Reese's Travel Updates-- March Thru October '09

Who says college kids can't go on vacation? It's just about how you coordinate. In the past year, for instance, I've been to:

Boston-- 7 months ago, spring break, March. Stayed for three days and saw the entire city, including the Boston Aquarium, Hard Rock Cafe, Quincy Market, Boston Commons and North End. Success.

Florida-- 6 months ago, April. Flew down during my sisters' spring break, when my family was at Disney world for the Last Family Vacation. Coordinated to miss only two days of classes and stay for five. Did Disney World, Daytona Beach and the entire two-day ride home.

Montana-- 4 months ago, June-July. Stayed with my aunt, went with my other aunt and cousin, and did the entire experience: three hikes, Yellowstone, two cliff jumps, a rodeo, homemade fireworks, tour of Montana State University, and the lifelong companionship of one very special chocolate lab.

Summer was split between the Adirondacks, Thousand Islands, and other remote camp locations throughout Upstate New York-- fishing, campfires, boat tours, kayak trips, and even a rescue from an island via rowboat (awesome).

Upcoming: Connecticut with my roommate, for the ocean, hot tub, kayaks and downtown club life! This weekend.

TEXAS! Halloween Weekend-- editor's conference in Austin for Saint Rose Chronicle, four days and three nights, totally paid for, in a town that shuts down for the Halloween party. Awesome.

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