Wednesday, October 28, 2009

22 Things To Do Instead of Sleep Before My 3 a.m. Flight To Austin

1. Procrastinate
2. Discuss, with one friend, the Pros and Cons of Romantic Relationships, while shopping for her roommate's birthday present
3. Discuss pros and cons of friendships in general over Mini Tacos from Bomber's Burrito Bar
4. Venture to Target to buy tomato sauce, camera batteries and Clorox wipes for the house
5. Play with adorable Dachshund puppy named Jameson and decide to volunteer at animal shelter
6. Go to a meeting
7. Purchase Red Bull
8. Make two pizzas with my freshman roommate
9. Drive her little brother's friend back to UAlbany so he could let his roommate in after a lockout and pick himself up some cheap rum
10. Steal the tootsie rolls that they were going to give to kids on Halloween
11. Ask my roommate to wash my pants because I'm still not home; fail to identify which pants
12. Give Up
13. Have the contents of friend's wastebasket wiped on my sleeve
14. Go home and begin laundry
15. Help pick out a new motorcycle from 250 miles away
16. Lose MP3 player
17. Find MP3 player
18. Shower
19. Move car back and forth obsessively to find a parking spot where it can stay for 4 days
20. Harass professor via AIM in ALL CAPS!!!!!
21. Pack
22. Write this post

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  1. Did I say this post was fantastic? It's fantastic. #11 should have a semicolon instead of that "/" I think.