Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Top Ten Favorite Moments in Austin

My Top Ten Favorite Moments in Austin

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10. Watching the drunks wander around town on Halloween-- the party's so big, they shut down blocks of the city for it.
9. The editor's conference I was actually there for!  From 9-5 on Friday, I learned a lot.
8. Getting yelled at not once, but twice for acting like an uncultured ass at an Austin Museum of Art exhibit.
7. Stubb's BBQ. The food's top-notch (Smoked Duck Quesadillas, anyone?) and so is the heritage: the place has a history of hosting famous blues artists. Much more my scene than the museum-y stuff.
6. Souvenir shopping at some of the coolest live-music inspired shops in town.
5. Lounging on the grass outside the State Capitol Building and learning to tell time using only my hand and the sun.
4. Watching the bats fly out from under the Congress Avenue Bridge. An Austin tradition-- on Halloween none the less.
3. Nachos and Knock Out Punch from Bikinis Bar and Grill on 6th Street-- 6 hours later, we were all happy campers.
2. 6th Street and the chaos that comes with it-- especially the Musicians Only parking signs.
1. Exploring Austin: 11 hours, over 200 pictures, and over five miles traveled. Sites seen: the Congress Avenue Bridge, the Texas State Capitol Building, the Warehouse District, and South Congress District.

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  1. Great list. Austin must be nice this time of year--I went once in the summer, and it was too hot for me!