Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let Me Introduce Myself (By Heather)

Hello, my name is Heather. Reese is a friend of mine, and we are both aspiring writers. I will be taking over the helm of this blog for a week. Writing is one of my main passions in life. I prefer to write in the creative non fiction, and poetry genres. I also have been working on and off in the past year to write some semblance of a memoir. However,  I consistently find it to be quite the challenge.

Unlike Reese who is more serious and consistent in her commitment towards journalism, my attempts at this particular type of writing are more sporadic and feel a little more like random acts of journalism. I hope to get a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing-non fiction, or poetry. I'll be lucky if I get into an MFA program the first time I apply because the approximate age of those who are in MFA programs is 28, and I will be 23 when I graduate with my BA in English and writing.

This week I will be doing some book reviews on the works of Sloane Crosley and Rachel Shukert. Simultaneously I will discuss my own life as a writer. and provide some advice on the MFA program in writing.

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