Monday, November 30, 2009

Reese's Links: Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Here there are the top things that made me smile this week, as decided by me. In no particular order. Enjoy :)

Thanksgiving. I know I complain about it, but any excuse to drink beer and eat pie is actually just fine by me. Yes, beer. Not wine. That's how the Pilgrims did it, after all.

And I found a recipe for a twist on the thing I whine most about: lasagna on every holiday. Mexican food + lasagna? These are a few of my favorite things!

How about some positive energy? I got my hands on a copy of an Abraham Hicks lecture on CD this weekend. It's a little floaty and hard to take at first, but it goes along the same lines as the bestselling book The Secret, which I reviewed earlier in this blog. Appropriate, methinks.

Along those lines-- how about some good news for a change? The Happy News is glad to offer it. We could probably use that, don't you think?

Yeah, well, I can't stay shiny and happy for too long. So let's talk about Twilight. I find it as obnoxious as everyone else who is not 14 and rabidly obsessed with it. But seeing a new Facebook page pop up, entitled: "Team Edward? Team Jacob? How About Team Shut The Fuck Up?" warmed my still-beating heart.

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