Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I know this hasn't been a post-heavy week for me. But I do care about all you readers, so in the nature of full disclosure, I'll share with you all the Top Five Reasons I've Been Absent This Week. Ready?

5. Thanksgiving. It was only one day, I know. Well, it's Saturday and I'm still in a turkey-induced coma, on my fourth day of family togetherness and have one last Thanksgiving Extravaganza to attend starting in about fifteen minutes from RIGHT NOW.

4. Final Exams. Three ten-page papers, a 50-minute presentation, and two final exams in the next week and a half= my first priorities.

3. Personal Chaos. My car was towed, I dropped a hammer on my foot and broke my toe, and my year-and-half-old fish died all in the same 24 hours. Raging, medicating and mourning are about the only things I've been doing.

2. Lack of Interesting Material. Originally I was planning on taking a leaf of out Lizzie's book (the WalMart Novels), putting my money where my mouth is and reviewing a certain romance novel this week. But it appears either my neighbors or the hobo that wanders my street and tries to beat my door down on a biweekly basis stole it off my doorstep, so this process is taking a little longer than usual.

1. Building Excitement. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, no? And I WILL be liveblogging The Office this week, so I'm trying to put you all in a holding pattern of anticipation. Is it working?

Not to worry, dear readers. I should be back in action within a day or two-- with detailed explanations of the aforementioned activities. Until then, enjoy your leftovers and don't forget about me!

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